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Whact Design was born from the desire to be able to fully express all the beauty that wood contains in all its fibers.

For generations, we have been putting our passion and experience at the service of architects, designers, sculptors, craftsmen and wood enthusiasts.
We are wood artists, and each of our pieces bears traces of the craftsmanship refined day after day at the cost of attempts and failures. Each of them is unique: it’s a work of art

Getting to know wood means first of all accepting that every table, every fragment of tree on which you work is unrepeatable, and it bears the wind that twisted its branches, the mineral salts of the earth in which it deeply sank roots, the light that has impregnated its hard bark. Whether you want to make a table, a peninsula, a bench or even original paneling, sculptures or other objects... Do not give up the best raw materials.

By working with wood, the human hand can only shape a harmonious beauty that already flows alive in the raw material.

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