We Welcome you to our company’s website; we are based in Brianza area in Seregno, Via
Monteverdi 10 Italy, where we have a large and full of varieties warehouse.

We also operate in the Pesaro’s industrial district since over 30 years.
We have a modern warehouse always well assorted, to be ready and close as much as possible to
the Italian central and south market.

The firm INTARBOR is born in 1972, but his history has roots much longer and deeper, since most
of the partners come from a family that since three generation has been involved into furniture
production first, plywood & veneer production afterwards; Therefore INTARBOR may be boast of,
an almost centenarian, wood knowledge, of all his secrets, and his applications, offering to be
helpful to solve eventual customer production problematic.


Beside our domestic field we have been always oriented towards foreign markets with whom we
constantly interchange satisfying relations of cooperation in import and in export, to be always
ready to satisfy any customer need due to the fast changes of today’s production systems.

Mr.Gianni Calastri and Mr.Renzo Calastri invite you to visit our warehouse where you will be able
to find a huge disposal of veneers of all kind of wood from the most common ones to the most
valuable exclusive, such as burls or figured and pomelè patterns, which we sell since ever in Italy or around the world.


We also can be supplier of spliced and cut to size veneers for different applications: from furniture cuts, to ship and architectural interiors, including backed spliced burl panel faces made out from species and drawing as for customer requirements.


We also supply died burls and veneers of quality and color needed and defined with the customer.
Since a decade we dispose of smoked veneers and lumbers which we propose to our clientele in
close cooperation with the Firm M.& W., first and well-known producer of this production.

  • Centenary wood knowledge

    Projected to foreign markets

    Ready to satisfy every costumer need

  • Every kind of veneer

    For Italy from world wide

    Splice faces for the most different applications